Monday, December 29, 2008

Food for Thought...Literally

So have you ever scrapped food or done a project about food??? I haven't...unless you call scrapping Erica's messy face from licking the beater scrapping about food (hee, hee). This year's Christmas Dinner is going to change all that.

Here is a picture of our Christmas's an Alaskan King Crab leg. And we had to include a ruler (14" by the way) to show the actual size. These buggers were so big we had to snap them in half in order to boil them. And I usually eat 3-4 legs, but barely got thru one on Christmas.

I'm participating in a few online crops over New Year's Eve and New Year's MAYBE I'll post the resulting page soon...but history hasn't proven this to be so (sorry). At any rate, let your mouth water over this...

2009 Goals and/or Resolutions

Do you make goals or resolutions each New Year? I try to...but honestly, I have never written them down, so I always for get them. I guess one way of looking at that is now I don't know what I've failed at Have you thought about your goals for 2009 yet? I have...and now I'm writing them down:
  1. I have always wanted to make an acrylic album. I went to an all inclusive retreat at the Sweetwater House and LOVED IT!!! One of the projects was a tiny acrylic album (an arrow). I would like to try another one from scratch...a larger one.
  2. This past year I completed at least one 2-pg layout a month. I'm finding myself making more and more 1-pg layouts (and LOVING it). So I'd like to increase that to a total of 5 layouts a month (this way I don't beat myself up if I don't do 2-pagers)
  3. CLEAN my scrap room...AND KEEP it clean!!! Jeff has tempted me with allowing me to go on retreats outside of AK if I could keep my room clean. This year it doesn't look like there's money in the budget for a retreat, but I'm hoping if I can clean it and keep it clean, he'll change his mind...shhhh, don't let him in on my secret plan
  4. Following up on #3, I'd like to attend a weekend retreat as a scrapper to be productive. I think our budget and family schedule will allow a retreat in state, but I'd also like to go back to the Sweetwater House again!!!
  5. I host an informal crop at my house on the Fourth Friday of every month. I'd like to be more consistent with that so I can be productive!!!

Stay I complete these goals, I'll post the results. Wish me luck. And good luck with your 2009 goals, too!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hand-made gifts (follow up)

ACK...I can't believe it's taken a MONTH for me to post MY version of the card set...I'm sorry for the delay. Here it is:

To make the card holder, I used an 8-1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock and cut it to 8" x 11". I scored it at 3", 3-1/2", and 8". Then I scored it at 1/2", 1", 7", and 7-1/2". Looking at the template from the Nov post, cut the box and adhere as noted. This will fit 5 cards and 5 invitation size envelopes. As I put the box together, I use button magnets to hold the flap closed.

Stay tuned for a one sheet wonder (OSW) template plus a bag to hold the cards...this is a Stampin' Up! idea that was shared with me. It's a GREAT little gift at this time of year, too. A few years ago I created my own OSW template, so if you're looking for additional ideas, let me know and I'll share that one.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Inspiration - Kits

So a few of my previous posts have talked about inspiration. I am inspired by lots of different things, but my BIGGEST inspiration comes from ideas. I'm an idea book junkie and have several subscriptions to magazines. They are piling up ALL over the place (boy does Jeff not like this!!!).

As some of you know, I am an AC Bailey Consultant. ACB is a company that provides scrapbooking supplies (check out my website when you get a chance). One of the things they provide that I absolutely LOVE is a Kit Of The Month (KOTM). Kits are soooo pupular because they have coordinating supplies that make it VERY easy to complete projects. I am sooo excited to share that ACB now has an idea file available for each KOTM. This means you'll get ideas along with Step-by-Step instructions on how to complete those projects. WOW!!! If you haven't checked out these kits or AC so. If you subscribe, shipping is FREE (including Alaska).

This is the December KOTM and the January kit is absolutely beautiful. It includes papers from Bo Bunny's new Winter Whisper collection...I just got mine and I can't wait to put it to use!