Friday, January 29, 2010

Potter Marsh mini-shoot

This week I've been a "Forum Fairy" at the ACBailey forum. I post the daily Scrapbook Topic of the Day and the Question of the Day. If it's possible to include a sample of work for the STOTD, you should (with ACBailey supplies, of course). As I've mentioned a few times, I've been EAGERLY awaiting the BoBunny Snowy Serenade product line so I can scrap the mini photo shoot I had at Potter Marsh the day after Christmas. I finally got it done!!!

This week's Freaky Friday Challenge at ACBailey is to scrap a winter layout...but wait, there's a twist...use a non-traditional winter color for the background. My layout uses Cashmere (brown) for the background. I hope you enjoy the layout and check out the challenge...I'll pick a winner next week!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Erica's non-name...journal with a letter

As I've posted before, I'm taking a class from Cathy Zielske called Design Your Life. You haven't seen much lately because I'm soooooo far behind it's not funny. that topic and onto why I first brought up Cathy. Cathy suggests that when you can't think of what to say on a layout, to write a letter to the person you scrapped. So, this is the letter I wrote on this layout (which is a sketch by Cathy Zielske for the Design Your Life Class at Big Picture Scrapbooking):

"Erica, you know your name comes from Daddy's first name and Mommy's middle name. But do you know the story of why we didn't pick the other name we had considered? We were torn between Gabriella Erica and Erica Ann. Daddy's family has a tradition of naming their kids with "G" first names and "E" middle names. We both liked Erica or Erin for a middle name. But we struggled for a first name. When I was in the delivery room, we still hadn't picked a name. The only one I was remotely OK with was Gabriella Erin. One night when Daddy was home and I was still in the hospital, I was trying to calm you down from crying. I asked you if you wanted to be called Gabriella Erin or Erica Ann. I paused at each name to get your reaction. You calmed down when I said Erica Ann, so I KNEW that was what we needed to name you. Besides, I didn't want to name you Gabriella because I really didn't want people to call you Gabby. Little did I know the name Gabby would fit you PERFECTLY. Love, Mommy"

This is another digital layout. All digital elements are from the Digital Scrapbook Memories Playground collection.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BRRRR...Freaky Friday Challenge

I haven't done a Freaky Friday Challenge in a LOOOONG time. I've been "playing" with BoBunny's Snowy Serenade and needed ONE MORE layout. Then I saw last week's challenge at ACBailey: scrap a favorite drink. Ah ha!

So this layout is for the Design Your Life Class, too. This is the second week on repetition. The repetition in the layout is the spacing between the photos and the photos themselves. I think mine also is includes the Petaloo florettes.Papers and sticker from BoBunny Snowy Serenade, Petaloo florettes, Cricut Winter Woodland cartridge for title.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Homemade Valentines?

Do you give Valentines each year? I's a little piece of appreciation. And Erica likes to sign the card, too! With all the tools and supplies I have, I can't imagine buying a card, I have to make them (and not just Valentines, but also Birthday, Christmas, etc).

Sometimes cards for men are can't put flowers or foo-foo ribbon, or really anything frilly. You also can't use pastel colors. So what does that leave you to work with? You might think: not much. But that's not true. There are some basic things to keep in mind for cards for men. I got a newsletter a few weeks ago with a link to this blog that had some great suggestions. Check it out.

And here's my take for a Valentine card for men. I used some new Pink Paislee Cupid papers and a little hemp. Have fun making a card for the man/men in your life, too!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some winter fun

I recently bought BoBunny's Snowy Serenade for some winter pictures. I have been having a blast with's beautiful. I can't post the 2-pg layout I really want to post because I need to wait until Friday. But I did finish this one I can post. I lifted the layout from My Scrapbook Nook's online gallery (one of the DT members).
These pictures are from a sledding excursion a few weeks ago. We went with the girls that live next door. Unfortunately the batteries died before I got the pictures of the girls going down the hill like a train (two sleds). We really had a great time...even though it was only 1 degree! I had to print the pix from our sledding fun in B&W because they just looked awful in color (dark and a yucky blue against these colors).
The papers, buttons, and stickers are BoBunny's Snowy Serenade, the flowers are Petaloo, and the snowflakes are cut from the Cricut (Winter Woodland cartridge).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crop for Cancer Tickets on Sale

It's here, it's's really here!!! Tickets are now on sale for the 6th Annual Crop for Cancer Fund Raiser. I'm a committee member and have tickets. Leave me a comment if you are ready to buy a ticket (I can't hold them without payment, sorry) and we can arrange a time to meet. Details are below:

Saturday, Apr 10, 2010
10am - 10pm
ConocoPhillips Atrium (7th and G St)
ticket price: $65

Remember, this is a fund raiser. I encourage everyone to get as many pledges as possible. We are in the process of getting the prizes together and I'll keep you updated. You can also follow the Crop for Cancer Blog for info/updates, too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I won on the My Scrapbook Nook Blog Hop!!!

Woo Hoo...I just read the My Scrapbook Nook newsletter and found out I won one of the beautiful December kit from Sue's blog! I am soooooo excited...I have lots of Christmas pictures that need to be scrapped from this year as well as previous years. I can hardly wait!!!The kit includes: Making Memories papers and embellishments: ribbon, bling, and so much more: 8 Sheets of Double Side MM Holiday Paper, 3 Speciality Papers/ Making Memories, MM Trims & Treats, Prima Flowers Alpha & Bling From Prima, 1 Package Of 30 Days Advent Numbers From Shabby Chic, and 2 Sheets Of Bazzill Cardstock

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What to do with Christmas Cards...

When do you pack up your decorations after Christmas? I usually pack up the weekend after the New Years. BUT, this year I actually packed up before New Year. I ended up with several days of "use or lose" vacation and took full advantage of it.

Anyway, I always hate throwing away Christmas Cards. Sometimes I save them from year to year before I finally decide to throw them away. This year, I used one of them in a layout (thanks to a Challenge from ACBailey). So if you're struggling with what to do with those Christmas Cards as you pack up from the holidays, consider re-cycling them into a layout...but make sure to seal them before you have them touch photos, or mat photos so they don't touch them...most are not photo safe.

The title is from the Winter Woodland Cricut cartridge...I'm having such a blast with my new toy!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

One of my resolutions...and more balanced asymmetry

If I document it, it's real, right? Last year I blogged about wanting to run a half marathon. Guess what, the one I was originally planning on doing is NEXT WEEKEND. Tracee is the gal in the picture with me and she's going, even though I'm not. I'm soooo excited for her, and a bit disappointed in myself. My "excuse" is that I got really sick last fall and lost 6-8 weeks of training, then couldn't recover. I know I got stressed about catching up and being able to get where I needed to be. For me, time is not an's finishing without stopping. And I just didn't see that happening.

So now I scrapped about my goal of running the Mayor's Marathon (half for me) the weekend of the Summer Solstice. That's five months away...I can do it if I knuckle down and train. And now that I shared this with you, I'll be REALLY disappointed in myself if I don't do it. I thrive on challenges, so I know I can do it if I try!

This layout uses Bazzill cardstock, running shapes from the Sports Mania Cricut cartridge, and patterned paper from CTMH. I scanned my bib, printed it, and put the safety pins in it since it was too big for the layout. I also added the digital timing chip I wore from the race. The journaling block is from Cathy Zeilski and the layout sketch is also from her...and the Design Your Life class I'm taking from Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthday Presents...balanced asymmetry

I'm all over the board scrapping, aren't I? Sometimes I wish I was a chronological scrapper, but some things just call to me better than others. Scrapping about Erica opening her presents didn't really inspire me, other than specifically the ring she got from Ian (so sweet!). But as I am taking Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life class, I'm getting a little more inspired to scrap certain things.

Anyway...As I mentioned in prior posts, Erica's birthday party this year was a skating party. Everyone was having so much fun, they hardly wanted to break for pizza and cake. So I decided I'd have them skate longer rather than take time to open presents. When we got home, some of the neighborhood kids came over to watch Erica open her presents...and play Princess Dress-Up afterward.
This layout uses pattern papers from Colorbok, American Crafts Thicker alphas, and felt butterflies from Jenni Bowlin. And of course it's based on a Sketch from Cathy Zielske's Design Your Life class at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daisy Service Project

I'm having such a blast with my Cricut!!! I saw a GREAT layout in Scrapbooks Etc that was perfect for Erica's Daisy Service Project. We went camping in Nov at the Girl Scout Camp in Wasilla. While we were there, the girls made bird feeders by spreading peanut butter on toilet paper rolls and then rolling them in bird seeds. Then they placed the feeders over branches outside. We never saw any birds that weekend...but then it was -20 while we were there (BRRRR).

So this layout is based on a 1-pg layout I saw in the magazine. I had so many pictures I had to make it a 2-pg spread...and even then I didn't get to use all the pictures. The pattern paper is K&Co (one of the patterns had those great birds that I cut out), the cardstock is Bazzill and Stampin' Up! And the branch/flowers were cut from the Serenade Cricut cartridge.

I'm taking a WONDERFUL class from Cathy Zielske online. Last week's theme was Balance-Symmetry. This is a perfect example of balanced symmetry...what you see on one side is equal to the other. And that works even though the two pages are essentially rotated. Wow, I'm already applying what I'm learning...or at least I THINK I am.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Blog Hop at the Scrapbook Nook

I just signed up for a new kit club. It's $28 a month plus shipping. I've never signed up because shipping was $8 a month...and us Alaskans really don't like that, do we. BUT, this month, if you join the club for 6 months you get a $20.10 credit to the store and you can add on items to ship with your kit for free. So I decided to take the plunge...check it out HERE. There are details on the website...make sure you use the code 6MO to get the deal!!!

Anyway, they're also having a fun blog hop and are giving away different kits at each blog. I learned about the blog hop at Becky's blog (it's on my reading are a few of the other DT members at the nook). Register on the message board and you can find the blog hop details HERE. The first person to kick off the blog hop is Leah.

Have only have a week!!! I intend to win one of those kits!!! But if I don't win, I hope YOU win!!! Here are some of the talented ladies you'll be visiting along the way:


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little crush??? I posted last month the layout I did about Erica getting a ring for her birthday. Ian is her God Mother's son and they are the same age. They have so much fun together even though they don't see each other very often. We went to watch Ian's last game and it was sooooo cute! Ian was showing off how fast he could run, and every time he came out of the huddle he looked back to see if Erica was watching.

So check out this cute layout. Just look at Ian's face as he's sitting with his team *totally* paying attention to the coaches (ha!)...guess who he's looking at...

I just used cardstock, BoBunny and Pebbles Inc ribbon, and misc brads. The alphas, football and grass border are cut using the Cricut. And the layout is based on a sketch from Jenn on the ACBailey DT.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year...Goals and status of last year's

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!! I kept up the tradition of scrappin' thru the new year once again...I hope you were able to do something you love, too.

So how did you do on your "goals" from last year? I did OK, but didn't keep them were my scrappy goals and the status of how I did:

1. Make an acrylic album...I did that. It was a kit, but I did it.
2. Complete at leas 5 layouts a month...I did that, too. I did 86 layouts PLUS 36 8x8s for the calendars I give to family each year (I'll post those later).
3. Clean my scrap room and keep it I need a little more help with that. I'll try again this year.
4. I didn't go away on a scrap retreat weekend, but I did attend several Fri night / all day Sat crops at a local store.
5. And lastly was the fourth Fri crop at my house...nope, didn't do those, either. But I did host a crop at a local school every month except Sept (I canceled in Sep cuz I was sicker than a dog!).

So what are my goals for 2010? After brainstorming, this is the best I can come up with:
1. I like the 5 layouts a month thing...I'm gonna exclude layouts made from the Design Your Life class (36 over 12 weeks) and the 8x8 calendars I make.
2. Clean my scrap room and keep it clean...I gotta try it again, don't I?
3. Train for and run the Mayor's HALF marathon in June. I'm sure I can do it...I just need to TRAIN!!!
4. Hold a "Create an Album in a Weekend" class at my house...I've always wanted to do this.

And what are your goals for 2010?