Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

What a great day...I just love holidays. The decorating, the food, the just makes me feel so good. This year I really had a blast with Halloween. I got a book that had ideas on decorating the house as well as party and food ideas.
Halloween Eve I decorated the front windows like a spider web using blanket binding, ribbon, and yarn. I made the spiders out of big foam balls and pipe cleaners. And can you believe I actually convinced Jeff to help hang this outside? Yes, he's a gooooood man!
For dinner I made mummy dogs and spiderweb soup. You wrap dough around hot dogs and put capers for eyes, then bake them until golden brown. For the web, mix sour cream and milk and pour circles over the soup. Then use a tooth pick to pull the circles to look like webs. And it's all yummy!!!
Of course, Grandma made Erica's costume again. This year Erica wanted to be a fairy princess. And because it's always soooo cold at Halloween, it had to go over her snow gear. It was perfect. I decided to get into the dress up fun, too. I had an old Cleopatra outfit from YEARS ago. It wouldn't fit over my coat, though.
Can't wait to work on the October Project 12 layout to put these pictures on it. I wonder if I can find a Thanksgiving book and go nuts in November, too...hmmmmmmm.

Friday, October 29, 2010

What a "pear"

It took Jeff a while to figure out why I spelled pair as "pear." When you see the layout, I'm sure you'll get it. Creativity must be lost on him...

So Erica and Jenna have been joined at the hip for a while. They played together all summer when school was out, and all weekend once school started again. Last week Jeff won four tickets to The Great American Circus from the radio. Erica wanted Jenna to go. They had a blast. One of Jenna's mom's friends said they had face painting. Rather than spend $12 there to have it done, Jenna's mom painted their faces before we went (yeah!). I'm surprised it lasted all night. The girls played non stop on the bouncy toys (a slide, an obstacle course, and a fun house) before the circus started and again at intermission. I got a few pictures of the circus acts, but I'm not sure if they came out well enough for a layout...we'll see...

This is more Basic Grey, but it's from their Pyrus Page Kit. I guess I should journal in that tan block...oh, well...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Fall Fun

So a few days ago I posted about Jenna and Erica having a blast raking leaves. I should have posted this layout after that one, sorry. Here are Erica, Jenna, Ally, and Roxy having fun with the leaf pile after it was raked. Gee, it's a little hard to see the green grass under all the scattered leaves. I guess they'll just have to rake them up again...
Yes, these are more Basic Grey Indian Summer papers and embellishments. And another sketch from Becky Fleck's Pagemaps

Monday, October 25, 2010

A different kind of FALL of the chipboard titles in the Basic Grey package said "FALL." Well, I didn't get too many Fall pictures this year, but I did have some pictures of Erica "falling." This summer Grandma and Grandpa got her roller blades for her birthday. She was just getting used to them the day I took these pictures...and got a little too confident and fell. I just love the last picture, though...she thinks she's soooo cool!!!

These are more papers, chipboard stickers, glazed brads, alphas, and pop up stickers from Basic Grey's Indian Summer line. And the sketch is from the archives of Becky Fleck's Page Maps

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are you read for some color?

Ha...this isn't a post about the new Big Picture Class I'm going to take (that starts this week). But I did have some fun with autumn pictures...I just love the beautiful colors! These papers really caught my eye from Basic Grey (Indian Summer). We don't get the beautiful purples up here in Alaska, but the colors are still fun and so were the pictures. Enjoy...
It cracks me up how Erica and Jenna enjoy raking leaves...maybe it's because they have soooo much fun with them once they're piled up (another layout coming soon!). The leaves have been coming down in stages and just before Jeff mows them, they pull out the rakes and make big piles. I just love the little chipboard on the layout that says "Hi Ho, Hi's off to rake we go." It's so perfect for the girls because it really never seems like work for least not at this age.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Still on spring break pictures...

While I had those last two pictures out to work on the cute kit, I decided to work on other Spring Break pictures. I've already scrapped a layout with the side picture of Erica, but I decided it was perfect in this layout, too. The layout is lifted from an old issue of Scrapbook Trends...I had the die cut from a kit I bought (it's an old kit, so I'm using my stash) and the layout I found cut it and split it around a big strip.

The day we watched the Yankees play the Tigers was absolutely perfect...perfectly HOT! We didn't stay the whole time cuz Erica started getting bored, but she was good for more than half the game. She even asked Grandpa Guru questions about the game of baseball. He's called Grandpa Guru because he's a guru when it comes to baseball. In fact, he was in Florida for a tournament with his college baseball team.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All she wanted to do...

I'm pretty sure I posted about this after our spring break trip to Florida. We went to Orlando and met Grannie Annie. While we were there we went to the Magic Kingdom (of course), to a Yankee's game with Grandpa Guru, to Tampa Bay to visit my friend who set Jeff and I up on a blind date, and to Kennedy Space Center. Erica was most excited to go to the Space Center. She is fascinated with science and wanted to meet an astronaut and touch the moon. So of course I spent the extra money to have lunch with an astronaut and to go on the tour that would allow us to touch a moon rock.

This layout was also made with that cute kit I bought online. See...isn't it perfect?!? The astronaut is Sam Gamar, who was on three shuttle launches. One of the most interesting things I learned at the lunch was that one in 15 astronauts lose their lives in the line of duty. WOW!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Fear?

OK, so the Use Your Stash class is over. I'm not sure if I really embraced the whole concept or not. You decide...

I found the cutest papers by We R Memory Keepers at Scrapbook Steals (awesome site, by the way!). As soon as I saw them I thought they'd be perfect for the Kennedy Space Center pictures I got over Spring Break. In the kit was also some stickers, stamps, and brads. Didn't I decide during the class that I have too many kits laying around? I cancelled a kit club this summer because of it. HRUMPH! I completed one layout from the space center and will probably do one more. I also did another layout with a picture from a Disney ride. Three that sufficient? Part of me says yes, but part of me isn't convinced. I *might* be able to do more, but I think the papers will be laying around for a while if I do. I think I should share them with friends who have boys...

OK, so here's the Disney layout. Erica says she LOVES roller coasters. When we went to Disney World over spring break she wanted to go on ALL of them...Space Mountain included. Take a look at the picture and tell me if she really loved this ride. She says she did and she wanted to go again, but when it came down to getting in line, she decided not to. At least this ride didn't scare her when it came to other roller coasters. I'll work on a Powder Keg layout...if she could have ridden that one over and over and over in a single day, she would've.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Project 12 - Septemper...and more stash!

Are you keeping up with Project 12? I just love the project and think I'm going to keep up with it every year! Looking back at September, I don't really have many pictures...but why did I feel like I had little to no time for myself? And why do I feel so tired? Is it my new job that doesn't have every other Friday off to stay home and clean and scrap? It is that Erica studies spelling words almost every night (and has gotten mostly 100s on the tests...yeah, Erica!)? Soccer is only once a week and Jeff hasn't really been shooting much this month. Is it Girl Scouts? They only meet twice a month...but the Brownies sure have lots of activities compared to the Daisies. We may have to pick and choose NOT to go to some activities...but they're sooooo much fun! Mix in Erica's birthday and a GREAT hike up Mt Baldy and I guess I see where the time went. Whew, it didn't seem like we did much this month, but looking at all that, I guess all the little things add up.

So here's the layout with only a few pix. The STASH I used is more of the Fancy Pants It's Your Day kit (and I still have lots left). And the Becky Fleck sketch at the end.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Digital Lift...and more stash work

I had a few friends over last weekend to scrap and actually got a little scrappin' done myself...that rarely happens when I host crops. This layout came together in no time at all. It's a digital template from Jessica Sprague. And when paired with a kit from My Scrapbook Nook (My Minds Eye papers and embellies), the longest part was journaling. And I'm going to take credit for the Use Your Stash class work since this is an old kit...I'm doing good keeping with the kits to get rid of them!!!

These are a few pictures from a field trip Jeff and I went on with Erica's 1st/2nd grade class. The kids went ice fishing, but only one student caught a fish. I love the progression of these pictures with Erica, from excitement with Daddy, to getting tired and sitting down, to finally looking into the hole and wondering if there really are any fish in the lake at all.