Friday, February 17, 2012

The best camp is free camp!!!

Erica is getting to be such a big girl...bigger than I'm ready to realize!  We recently went on a business trip/vacation for a night in Fairbanks and left her with friends...ugh!  She handled it much better than I did...but that's a story for another day (probably a February layout!).
Anyway, she is a Girl Scout, and what do Girl Scouts do?  They sell cookies!  And Erica does it with gusto!  She had a goal to go to camp for free last year...and made that goal.  She was the only girl in her troop to go for free!  And she was soooo excited because she's be away from mom and dad for a whole week!  And check her out in the picture below, walking ahead of me, not even realizing I'm still there.  Yup, she's quite the independent little girl!!!
On a side note, she was really bummed that we're moving this summer and she wasn't going to be able to sell cookies to go to camp for free.  BUT, we just got the camp schedule and we'll be here the first weekend in June, so she can go to the sneak peak camp for three days...YEAH!!!  But now she has to sell more cookies than we originally planned.  UGH!!!

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