Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspiration at the Ice Museum

The last layout from January is for the inspiration topic.  This is another hard one for me and I think it was the last layout I made for January.  One of the things we get on the first of every month is a set of PowerPoint slides with twelve triggers (gee, there seems to be a theme here, huh?  twelve topics, twelve layouts, twelve months, twelve colors...and on the twelfth day of the month we're supposed to take twelve pictures...I forgot to mention that one).  Anyway, one of the photos was of gray and white pattern papers with a pop of teal/aqua color.  That was the basis for this layout.  But I couldn't find gray and white pattern papers, so I went with black and white.  And then I decided pink went better with the photos than teal/aqua.  But I figured the inspiration was still the same...a pop of color.
We had a blast at the ice museum.  The husband and wife ice carving team is world class, and it shows.  There was a set of dueling knights, an altar for getting married, a xylophone, the coke polar bear, a Christmas tree, an out house (not functioning) and a BIG bed.  You can even rent out the ice museum to stay the night, although nobody has been able to stay a full night (and you don't get your $800 back).  Funny story, they used to call it an ice hotel, but the fire marshall said they couldnt' call it a hotel because there's no sprinkler system...HA!  And they sell appletini's served in ice carved glasses.  Of course I HAD to have one, and Jeff got one, too.  They were sooo good that we bought a second round at the aurora ice bar!

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