Monday, February 13, 2012

How do you make homemade fish sticks?

This is one of my favorite Erica stories.  Erica will eat a hot lunch at school when she likes two of the three options (just in case one is gone when she gets to eat).  When she first started school, we couldn't just ask her what she did because she'd just say, "I don't know," or "nothing."  We had to ask specific questions like, "What was your special class today?"  And "What did you have for lunch."  One day she told us she had a fish melt.  Not fully knowing what a fish melt was, we asked her what it was.  She said, "it's fish with chicken nugget skin."  And she still says things that are breaded have chicken nugget skin.  Just the other day I came home from the gym to eat dinner (Jeff and Erica already ate) and Erica said we had homemade fish sticks.  Knowing we had Van de Kamps in the freezer (or something similar), I said " do you make homemade fish sticks?"  Our third grader said, "You chop up chicken nuggets, throw away the inside chicken, put the skin on the fish, and cook it."  HA!  She still calls it chicken nugget skin...what a hoot!!!
I don't have any cooking pictures I haven't scrapped already, so I used these cute pictures from 18 months ago when Erica took our orders for was as close as I could get!!!

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