Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is this too much fun?!?!?

One of the topics in the TWELVE class is Fun.  You'd think this would be an easy topic, but I struggle with it.  Truth be told, I struggle with lots of them.  As I mentioned in the father-daughter layout, I can't tell whether something should go in People or Family Stories or Fun or something else.  I guess I should learn to let go and just go with the flow...but it's hard!  In working on my January layouts, I finally sifted thru some of my Vegas pictures and saw our temporary tattoos, but I didn't see any of mine.  Then I remembered I took a picture with my phone and sent it to Jeff.  So I decided to scrap that story...I thought it was pretty funny and it had "fun" in it so I figured it would fit.

The morning I left for Vegas with "the girls," Jeff told me to have fun, but not too much fun.  I was probably the most conservative of all the girls, so that wasn't really an issue.  While we were there, we decided to get temporary tattoos (because permanent ones were too scary...after all, what would I get and where would I put it that I wouldn't be totally embarrassed as I got older?  See, totally conservative!!!).  And even though it was temporary, I still agonized over what to get and where to put it.  I finally decided on this cute ankle thing with hearts...totally me, right?  When we were done, we took a picture of it and I sent it to Jeff asking if it was too much fun.  He responded: "prolly."  But when I talked to him that night, he knew it was fake...I guess he knew I couldn't get a good tattoo for only $20..hrumph!  But it was fun to have for a week...

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