Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Math Star

It absolutely warms our heart that Erica loves math as much as she does...and she's really good at it.  She talks about her teacher doing "around the world" in class...where two kids go up against each other to do multiplication.  If you win, you stay up and go against another kid in class.  If you beat everyone, you've gone around the world.  Erica is one of the few kids who can go around the's between her and one other kid on who can beat who on a given day.
And her teacher does a really good job at fostering the love of math.  Erica's homework one day was math bingo.  You use certain cards on the deck.  Each person draws two cards and multiplies them together.  If the number is on your card, you mark it for bingo, if it's not, you pass to the next player.  The first to get five in a row, or eight on your card wins.  Jeff beat Erica one day, and Erica beat me the next.  What a great game!!!

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