Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More magic from the Santa Adventure...

...and the 11th day of Christmas.  For this day, we were supposed to scrap stockings.  I almost told the story of how Erica LOVES Jeff's old stocking that his grandma made.  But I'll save that for another's a really cute story!  Instead, I kept with the general theme of this year's holiday story and told another story from the Santa Adventure weekend. 
After the party was over with reading the Polar Express, writing letters to Santa, having him sign the books, and having pictures with him, we went back to our rooms to get packed and go to bed.  When we got back to our rooms, there was a stocking for Erica, FILLED with goodies...including a set of bells.  She took them out and started ringing them and making sure we could ALL hear them ring!  Yup, the weekend was perfect!  She left a believer!

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