Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bribing Carolyn...

Oooh, this is another fun story!  Man, this TWELVE class sure is getting me to tell stories, rather than just scrap pictures.  I'm soooo excited!!!  Let's hope this's fun!!!
OK, I have a friend with a daughter that is absolutely terrified by any man other than her daddy (and maybe her grandpa).  She's around us often because Erica and Bella play soccer together, go to Girl Scouts together, and Nicole and I scrap together at my house alot.  You may not know this, but Jeff has this burning desire for kids to love him.  I remember Katie at daycare was very shy.  Jeff would come into the toddler room and twirl all the kids and they'd laugh and squeal.  But Katie was shy and didn't want to.  One day she she finally warmed up to him and let him twirl her, and he was sooo happy.  It's the same way with Carolyn.  She sees him all the time, but she won't sit by him unless he has candy to share (he's not above bribery to get a friend).  I was thrilled when I caught these pictures.  Nicole and the kids came over to scrap and play.  Erica decided to clean out her toy chest and offered Carolyn her Doodle Bear.  Carolyn was THRILLED, but Nicole asked her to make sure it was OK with Erica's parents first.  I said OK, but Jeff said he had to have a hug first.  OOOOOOH...she didn't even hesitate.  She jumped up on his lap and gave him all kinds of hugs.  Jeff was sooooo happy!  And I was happy that I had my camera so close!  It's like taking a picture of a rare bird!!!

Hee, hee...and I was soooo excited to scrap this layout at our January crop.  Nicole was gone for an afternoon meeting, so I put it on her table as a surprise for when she returned.  I should've scrapped a second one for her (cuz this one's MINE!!!)...maybe I'll do that this month.

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