Saturday, February 11, 2012

Father-Daughter Love...

This is my favorite layout from all those I made in January.  I love the story, the pictures, and the final result.  It started out as a "people" layout, to show the relationship between Jeff and Erica; but then I thought it was more of a "family stories" layout when I thought about the story behind it.  However, I finally decided it was really a "rituals" layout because this is something the two of them do every morning before school and work.
As Jeff is out of the shower and done shaving, Erica comes up stairs after breakfast to get dressed.  Before they finish getting ready, Erica gives Jeff a "morning nuggle."  She sits on his lap on the bed and they hug for a while.  Sometimes she wiggles back and forth trying to get him to fall over, and sometimes he tickles her until she can't stand it anymore and runs away.  however it physically ends, the emotional result is the same...they both start their day with a great hug and it carries them thru whatever is thrown their way.  What an awesome ritual!

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