Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jammies on the 12 day...

I loved the theme of the 12th day: Jammies, but I didn't like the layout.  So I used the pictures I took and found another layout I could lift instead.
For some reason, Erica is starting to like jammies with pants more than nightgowns.  Actually, I think I know what it is...whenever her friends come over, they almost always have jammies with pants.  So now she wants jammies with pants.  School has spirit days from time to time and one of the popular days is jammies day.  Well, we don't like her to wear her nightgowns, but wearing jammies with pants is almost like wearing sweats, so I'm OK with that.  I bought her some fleece pants and she loves to wear them.  But I noticed she'd end up taking them off in the middle of the night...she gets hot.  The trick is to find pants that aren't too hot! 

Erica's God Mother, Cecile, loves to spoil her.  She called to ask what to get her for Christmas and of course I had to tell her jammies with pants.  She found these CUTE jammies with cupcakes and Erica LOVES them.  They're made out of material that's almost like flannel, but not quite.  So Erica doesn't get real hot at night and loves them!  And even better, I found a cute cupcake to put on this great page I's like it was meant to be!

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